Mediation West - Located in Scottsbluff, Nebraska

Our Vision

Hope, peace, and safety for communities, organizations, families, and individuals.

Our Mission

To prevent, engage, and resolve conflict.

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Our History

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 set the stage for conflict prevention and peaceful conflict resolution in the U.S. by calling for community mediation as an intervention at the earliest stage of conflict. During the farm crisis of the 1980’s, mediation became more formalized in the Midwest and other areas of the U.S. and became more widely used in Nebraska. In 1991, Nebraska passed the Dispute Resolution Act which established a mediation center network that insured access to mediation in all 93 Nebraska counties.

Rather than hiring mediators to be a part of the court system, officials opted to establish a network of six stand-alone non-profit centers that would be approved by the Nebraska Supreme Court’s Office of Dispute Resolution and would be monitored by a Counsel appointed by the Chief Justice of the Nebraska Supreme Court.

On September 13, 1991, The Panhandle Mediation Center was organized as a 501(c)3 nonprofit serving Western Nebraska as a part of that network. On January 5, 1998, our name was changed to The Center for Conflict Resolution. On July 14, 2009, we became Mediation West. Each quarter we report to the Advisory Council and Office of Dispute Resolution, and we are recertified each year to continue operating as an approved center.

Our Standards and Ethics

Mediation West firmly promotes the integrity of the individual and his/her ability to work toward discovering perspective and building solutions.

Mediation West follows the standards of the Uniform Mediation Act, the Dispute Resolution Act, Nebraska Parenting Act, Standards and Ethics for Parenting Act Mediators and the Mediator’s Code of Ethics. These standards and ethics apply to all facilitation and mediation sessions coordinated by Mediation West.

Meet Our Team

Charles Lieske Mediation West


Executive Director

Mediation West - Mediation Services


Program Coordinator


Program Assistant

Mediation West - Mediation Services


On-call Assistant

Our Affiliates


Community Mediation and Restorative Practices Specialist


Supervisory Mediator Parenting Act-approved, SADR-approved, Special Education Mediator


Supervisory Mediator Parenting Act-approved, SADR-approved


Supervisory Mediator, Parenting Act-approved, SADR-approved, Restorative Practices Mediator se habla español


Parenting Act-approved


JD, Parenting Act-approved


Child Centered Mediator


Parenting Act-approved


JD, Supervisory Mediator, SADR-approved


Affiliate Mediator /
Tech Specialist

Our Board

Becca Pierce

term ‘21-’24

Marketing Professional, Riverstone Bank

Becky Stitt

term ‘22-’25

HR Professional, Western Sugar

Irene North

term ‘21-’24

Staff, CAPWN Youth Shelter

Wynne Burg

term '21-'24

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Facilitator, Scottsbluff Public Schools

Megan Dockery

term ’21-'24

Attorney, Simmons Olsen Law Firm

George Holthus

term ‘22-’25

Law Enforcement, Gering Police Dept.

Connor Wilburn

term ‘22-’25

Operations Coordinator, Panhandle Partnership

Randy Lippstreu

term ‘23-’26

Retired District Court Judge

Quintin Zabel

term ‘23-’26

AVP/Director of IT & Security, Platte Valley Companies

Vacant (term ‘22-’25)

Vacant (term ‘23-’26)