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Respond to an Invitation to Mediate

You've been invited to Mediation West to mediate a conflict with someone in your life. We're excited about the prospect of working to help bring a peaceful resolution to you both. Please select the response that best fits your decision about mediation at this time.

If you would like to participate in mediation and will pay full fees, click the link below.

Full Fees Response Form

If you would like to participate in mediation and wish to apply for reduced fees, click the link below.

Reduced Fees Response Form

If you do not wish to participate at this time please fill out the form below and click submit. Our office will be notified of your decision and your case will be closed.

This number will be located in the contact you received from our office.
At this time I do not wish to participate in mediation
Mediation Status Report Disclosure

By clicking this box I am indicating that I understand that while mediation is completely voluntary and it is my right to choose not to participate, Mediation West is required to update the Court through a Mediation Status Report that will be filed in the associated court case involving myself and the other party. I also understand that if I choose not to participate the Mediation Status Report will simply reflect that choice and I may also choose to open a new case in the future if I feel mediation is appropriate.