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Curriculum Content

An approved Basic Mediation Training course curriculum shall include, but not be limited to, the following topics: 

  • Overview of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes 
  • Principles of mediation 
  • Mediation styles 
  • Stages and goals of mediation process 
  • The role of the mediator 
  • Nature of conflict/behaviors in conflict 
  • Mediation skills, including negotiation skills, interactive listening, question asking, use of neutral language, reframing, issue and interest identification, option generation, addressing barriers to agreement, reality testing, agreement writing 
  • Caucus 
  • Values, self-awareness, and bias awareness 
  • Cultural diversity including race and gender 
  • Power imbalances 
  • Working with attorneys and representatives of parties 
  • Confidentiality and privilege 
  • Ethical issues, including impartiality, part self-determination, informed consent, conflicts of interest, responsibilities to third parties, dealing with legal issues, withdrawal by mediator, and termination of the mediation 
  • Relevant Nebraska mediation and ADR law