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Child Welfare Referrals

PHTPR (Prehearing Termination of Parental Rights)

Mediation West uses a court-approved template to document:

  • An update on the child(ren):  Placement, behavior, relationships, school performance, services provided to the child(ren) 
  • Services offered each parent to help bring the children home 
  • How each parent taken advantage of the services offered throughout the case  
  • Reasons either parent has not taken advantage of services offered throughout the case (examples might include work schedule conflicts, transportation issues, provider availability).  
  • Additional services that can be offered to either parent to assist with bringing the children home. 
  • Quantity/quality of contact that each parent has had with each child in the family. 

The group will also discuss:

  • What is relinquishment?
  • How can the state use a trail process to terminate parental rights?
  • Are there people the family and state might see as potential adoptive parents?
  • How does the Adoption process work? What can and can’t be promised?
  • What services are available to parents and children after termination/relinquishment and adoption?