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Level II: Families in Transition Form (with Reduced Fee Application)


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Parents are not allowed to take the class together when participation is court ordered.

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If you select Zoom livestream, remember, you must be able to have your camera on and have microphone access to the entire 2 hours to receive credit for the course.

Application for Reduced Fees

Mediation West offers a sliding fee scale based on your household size and income. You will need to provide income verification for each adult counted in your household size to pass audit requirements.

Income verification must be provided for each adult used to figure household size. Please indicate which item(s) you will be uploading.

With my electronic signature, I certify that as of today’s date, my gross household income and the number of people living in my household are as I have indicated above. I understand that this information will be used in determining my eligibility for participation in the reduced fee grant program which utilizes federal and state funds; falsification of claims made on this application may subject the reporting party to federal or state penalties.

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