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Juvenile Justice Referrals

EFGC (Expedited Family Group Conference)

Here’s what to expect from the EFGC process:

  • A mediator will talk to each parent, professional and extended family/friends that might be able to be a part of the plan.
  • These same people will attend a large group meeting that will last several hours.
    • Everyone meets together to review
      • The families’ strengths
      • The challenges that are causing a risk of 
        • out-of-home placement
        • losing progress made during an out-of-home placement. 
      • what will need to be addressed in the plan to be approved by the probation officer and judge.
    • The professionals leave the meeting, and the family works together to develop a plan that addresses the risks identified earlier in the meeting. 
    • After the family has developed a plan (or perhaps a Plan A and Plan B), the professionals return to the meeting to review the plan. At this point, details are usually added to add clarity and the plan may be adjusted by the group with the input of the family. 
    • After the plan is approved by the family and professionals, Mediation West prepares a report for the probation officer that is incorporated in the juvenile’s probation case plan.