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Victim/Offender Mediation (VOM) is a different way of perceiving and approaching crime and punishment. It is a process in which a victim of a criminal act and the juvenile offender can voluntarily meet with each other with the assistance of trained mediators. The purpose of this process is to provide a safe environment in which:

  • the victim and the offender can communicate directly about how the crime has affected them;
  • the victim can ask questions of the offender;
  • emotions can be expressed and acknowledged; and
  • restitution can be negotiated between the victim and the offender.

Often, family members and/or community members of both the victim and the offender are present during the VOM session. As a result, the process not only benefits victims and offenders, but can have a positive impact on families and communities.

Cases are usually referred by County Judges, County Attorneys, Diversion or office of Juvenile Services.


  • the offender has admitted responsibility for the action
  • the offender has agreed to participate before the victim is contacted by Mediation West
  • separate, private meetings are conducted with both the offender and the victim before a joint mediation session.

Types of offenses mediated:

  • vandalism
  • shoplifting
  • property damage
  • assault
  • theft

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Member of the Nebraska Mediation Association Member of the National Association for Community Mediation

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